Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Director: Amanda Wasserman


Welcome to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) at HMUN Dubai 2020! Our topic will be Online Drug Trafficking, with a particular focus on three key areas: the regulation of the internet, the human cost of online drug trafficking, and the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Online drug trafficking is the new frontier of the illicit drug trade; while much of international community focuses its anti-drug trafficking efforts on the physical drug trade, it is essential that we consider how this new manifestation of the drug trade might change or even render obsolete many existing anti-trafficking measures. How does online drug trafficking affect poor, drug-centric economies? What are the potential consequences of regulating the surface, deep, and dark web? Is it fair to hold cryptocurrencies to the same financial standards that we hold other means of change to? Throughout this committee, we will answer these and other pressing questions.

In addition to creating detailed solutions as to how to control online drug trafficking using new technologies, this committee will need to consider big ethical questions concerning surveillance and sustainability. What is the tradeoff between individual privacy and collective security? Do all countries suffer the same repercussions when it comes to curbing the online drug trade? Is it morally sound to support the legalization of certain or all drugs? In previous iterations of this committee, delegates have done everything from writing detailed proposals for international databases to attaching actual computer code to final resolutions. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with and learning from your brilliant minds in the process. See you in Dubai!

- AW