Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) governs approximately 70% of the United Nations’ human and financial resources, promoting it to a highly influential position in the world today. Meanwhile, the regional bodies (RB) provide a culturally sensitive and geographically focused platform for discussion on vital issues, carrying out the mission of the UN in different areas of the world.

At HMUN, ECOSOC and Regional Body committees are mid-sized. These committees allow delegates to not only be challenged by diverse perspectives, but take the floor multiple times, offering a unique opportunity to engage in intense, yet intimate debate.



Director: Nadine Bahour

Topic: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

United Nations Human Rights Council

Director: Fatima Shahbaz

Topic: The Rights of Migrant Workers


Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Director: Amanda Wasserman

Topic: Online Drug Trafficking